Back in the year 2000, I decided I wanted to create my own website and selected the television series "The Magnificent Seven" as the topic. I'd never had a computer lesson in my life but was determined. I read a book on HTML programming and away I went. I then expanded, creating sites for my other interests but life gets in the way of fun and sadly each site was left unattended and unloved for many years as I focused on my profession and my family.

Fastforward to 2021. Aware of the fact that I need to find time to relax, I have decided to resurrect two of my four sites - "The Magnificent Seven" dedicated to this short-lived tv series, and my site focused the comic book hero Dick Grayson aka Robin/Nightwing/Batman.

I have been working behind the scenes to uplate all links so that they are working sites. All going well, I will start expanding them both. Until then, the content is uploaded here in case it is of interest to others. Below are the two 'corners' you will find on my site. Just click on the picture to be whisked off to that corner.

13th June 2022

Hi Everyone

I know I said I would try to update reguarly but... well, real life got in the way. On Sunday, I actually stumbled across a Mag 7 group on Facebook. Looked at it for a few minutes and then decided to take the plunge... created a Facebook profile and dived in. I have to be really careful with using my real name. My employer is really 'big' into ensuring their employees are 'above' repute... not that I believe anything I write or on this site should cause an issue. Then someone on the Facebook group encouraged me to join another Facebook group. It all happened really quickly. Everyone has been so welcoming. Thank you everyone.

Website Update: Dick Grayson - I have been adding to the Video section for the 1966 Batman series. :) You can find it here.

Website Update: Magnificent Seven - I have been working on the Episode page and have completed "Ghosts of the Confederacy." It has a detailed summary with my reflections, screen grabs, video grabs, audio grabs and a copy of the script. You can find it here.

Writing Update: Dick Grayson I have posted a few stories in my "Sons of the Bat" Series. You can find them here.

Writing Update: Magnificent Seven I have edited the first two of my "Hell of a Shot Series". You can find them here. On the writing front, I have been working on "7th Sense" an Au I started writing fifteen years ago. Story is almost finished. It has more been a place for me to play than a real story. :) Hope to post soon.


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